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City of GJ and Mesa County Collaborative for the Unhoused propose draft for Unhoused Strategy and Implementation Plan

The Unhoused Strategy & Implementation Plan presents an opportunity to establish a more effective system that addresses the needs of the unhoused community and focuses on preventing households from becoming houseless. It includes key input from the Mesa County Homeless Coalition, Mesa County Collaborative for the Unhoused (MCCUH), Scott Aker (Grand Junction Housing Authority/MCCUH Chair), Sherry Price (City of Grand Junction/MCCUH Vice-Chair), Beverly Lampley (Grand Valley Catholic Outreach/MCCUH Secretary/Treasurer), Cathy Story (Quality Health Network/MCCUH Representative/Community Collaboration), Stephania Vasconez (Executive Director Mutual Aid Partners), and Ashley Chambers (City of Grand Junction).

The plan builds upon the research of the Unhoused Needs Assessment and enhances the initial findings outlined in the Unhoused Strategy Report, transforming them into a comprehensive community-wide plan. This plan is aimed at addressing critical gaps and meeting the immediate needs of individuals experiencing homelessness (PEH) in the Grand Junction area, aligning with the overarching community objective of achieving Functional Zero. The plan outlines seven key strategic outcomes ensuring a systemic response that prevents homelessness, minimizes its occurrence, and expedites access to shelter, services, and a pathway toward stable permanent housing for those experiencing homelessness.

Read the full Unhoused Strategy and Implementation Plan here.


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